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We Solve Your Problems, Here's Our Proof!

We Solve Your Problems, Here’s Our Proof!

We like to help people and we excel at problem solving. In today’s business world, many companies and people will make that claim, but cannot follow through with their promises. This is where we are different. We follow through. You don’t need to take our word for it though. The customer whose problem we will highlight today has said that TD Holdings LLC is “a wonderful company to do business with if you need to sell a home.”

What makes someone so enthusiastically endorse us? Well this particular customer had a problem some of you may relate to — he needed to sell quickly and to complicate the matter, the property he needed to sell was 500 miles away from his home and work. Like most people, he could not just drop everything in order to drive or fly 500 miles to make the sale happen in person. That’s where we came in. We did all the work on the ground to make sure that his property could sell quickly and easily, while he continued on with life 500 miles away.

How did we make it happen? We started by taking time to understand the situation. Once we understood what our customer was going through, we found out how we could best serve him. Then we started the process.

In our customer’s own words, “Everything went as planned. I was walked through this process by a very professional and kind young man, Diondre Person, working for the company, TD Holdings LLC. Diondre was very considerate of my time and never pressured me. He was also very aware of what I was having to deal with at the time and never rude. He always kept me informed of the process, answered any questions, and continued to call me until I made my decision. Everything went as he informed me that it would, and I received my money in TN by wire without ever having to make the 500 mile drive to that area.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your extra property and just have the money wired to you? We did it for him, and we can do it for you! Let us help you with your property sale. It will be quick and painless — you can even do the paperwork remotely.

When Selling Your House at a Discount is Worth It

In a world where we are taught to take as much as we can and never accept less than what we are due, it can be hard to imagine selling your house for less than it was originally appraised. People in your life might be harping on you to “wait it out” a bit longer and see if someone else comes along. While these other people may be correct in some circumstances, only you can know if you are able to accept a discount. Here are some common reasons people look to sell for less, and are happy doing so!

  1. You’ve already bought another house and the double payments are killing you.
    Your dream house came on the market, or maybe just a house in a much better school district, and you could not let it pass you up. That’s great! You have a new house you are excited to move into. The not-so-great part is that you are still paying off your old house — mortgage payments, upkeep, utilities. All of those expenses add up. To stop your wallet from hemorrhaging more money you need to get rid of your old house. Maybe your house was originally a $90,000 house, but if you can sell it, even for a little less, you’re willing to do so for the return to normalcy –one house payment, one electric bill, one phone line.
  2. You need the cash from your extra property for something else.
    If your family member is undergoing costly medical treatment or Junior finally got into the college of his dreams, your priorities may have shifted some. The property you’ve been holding onto to wait and flip someday or possibly give to Junior post-college just doesn’t seem as important as taking care of financial responsibilities right here and right now. No one would blame you for selling your house for a little less in order to pay bills and afford the opportunities your family deserves.
  3. You need to move or sell quickly.
    Terrific news! You landed the job of your dreams…across the country. Now you have to put in two weeks notice, pack up your entire life, say good-byes and see-you-soons to every family member, friend, and acquaintance. In addition to all that, you also need to get your house sold, so you can afford your new life. Peace of mind and one less thing to be coordinating across time-zones is more than enough reason to sell for less.
  4. You have bad memories or emotional pain associated with your house.
    This is the hardest to talk about and possibly something you don’t want to really admit to anyone else. It might be a home you inherited or it’s the home you’ve always been in, but things have happened making it feel less home-y and more like an unwelcome cage — an unfriendly reminder of what life used to be. In these cases, selling your house quickly and moving on may actually be a form of taking care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty accepting less when doing so will offer you a path to better mental and emotional health.
  5. There are developments popping up that will quickly be offering housing for even less than your house’s discounted price.
    You know what your house is worth, but you also know that the market is about to be inundated with picture perfect homes for even less. Take the money while you can and save yourself the time and hassle!

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot accept for your house. Waiting for a better offer (especially if it never comes) can be costly in more ways than one. If moving on with life and bettering yourself are part of the equation, then what is a couple thousand, anyways? Look after yourself and your obligations and let us know if we can help!

Will 2016’s Stellar Mortgage Rates Continue?

In 2016, the housing market made an impressive comeback — houses were increasing in value, mortgage rates were decreasing, and the market took huge steps towards stability. I’ve talked about two of these in a previous post, but I thought that today I would take the time to tackle the question of mortgage rates, as these rates are a key to how pundits evaluate market health and are incredibly predictive of whether now is a good time to sell or buy a home.

2016 saw mortgage rates hit a low that was very encouraging to those looking to buy homes. Lower mortgage rates means you are paying less money to borrow the money you need to buy a home. Therefore, having a lower mortgage rate means you are in effect paying less to buy your home, because the amount you are required to pay back on the money you borrowed is less.

**Also, it’s important to note that even a fraction of a percentage shift in mortgage rate can have a huge affect. This is not the difference between a 4% tax on a $20 tshirt and a 4.5% tax. That .5% increase in a mortgage rate is going to wreak havoc on your monthly payments, because the interest you will be paying is on an initial figure many many times great than a $20 tshirt (unless for some reason you’re mortgaging a dollhouse). 

While the mortgage rates in 2016 were quite favorable, there is no guarantee that these rates will remain for long. In fact, it is expected that mortgage rates will rise in 2017 pretty quickly, and with one month of 2017 behind us, it can be expected that rates will rise sooner rather than later. If you were looking to sell your home and invest in one which more fits your lifestyle/family/etc in 2017, I’d advise you to do so quickly. Holding out on selling your current home and buying a new one could cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in interest fees.

Horrible Tenant? Not a Problem.

The landlord/tenant relationship is a fraught one. No one wants to be the grouchy landlord, and although it would be nice to think that no one wishes to be an obnoxious tenant, anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

Do you have a tenant that never pays rent on time? Do you have a tenant that is constantly doing damage to your property that requires you to invest time and money into fixing it? Do you have a tenant who is just plain rude and inconsiderate? I’m guessing that if you can answered “yes” to the question “do you have a tenant” then you have also answered “yes” to one of the other questions above at some point.

Why? Why do we put up with destructive, inconsiderate, obnoxious tenants who don’t even pay us on the previously agreed upon schedule? Why do we let these people turn us into grouchy landlords? A better question may be “why aren’t we letting someone help us out?”

Why are you not letting someone help you out? Specifically, why aren’t you letting us help you out?

We specialize in solving people’s housing problems. Of all the housing problems we solve daily, the one for which we receive the most thanks and praise is when we resolve people’s horrible tenant situations. People often feel stuck. Rental properties necessitate rental agreements or leases and all too often, people feel obligated to maintain ownership of the house for the entirety of these agreements. Something that not many people realize is that we can help with that.

There are options available if you are looking to rid yourself of your obnoxious tenant (and any future obnoxious tenants) all in one fell swoop. Consider selling us your property. In many circumstances, we can smooth out any existing agreements with the tenant. In this way, you get rid of the hassle of a bad tenant, and instead of unreliable rent payments, you receive the money you deserve for your home. Let us take care of your horrible tenant problem. Let us help you.

What Charlotte’s Ranking Means For You

Charlotte’s real estate market is making a name for itself on the national stage. Currently ranked 3rd in the United States, it is experiencing ideal market conditions and increasing opportunities for growth. These unique selling points are attracting both developers and realtors alike from across the US. With numerous builds already underway in the city, 2017 promises to bring even more building and housing projects to the city.

If you are in the Charlotte area, I’m sure Charlotte’s increase in popularity is a point of some pride. After all, isn’t it nice to say you live in such a dynamic and desirable place that is clearly experiencing the type of growth other U.S. cities would love to emulate? However, if you are looking to sell your property in 2017, Charlotte’s increase in popularity for developers is not in your favor.

For those looking to sell their homes in 2017, do not wait! Sell now and sell fast!  While most groundbreaking projects takes a pause for winter, you can expect more builds to begin when the weather heats up. In spring and summer the market will begin to be flooded with new construction. For every new house which is built, your house faces more competition on the market. Your house will be compared to newer and possibly even built-to-specification properties.

It is clear from the economic principle of supply and demand that now is a great time to sell in Charlotte, but that these favorable conditions will not last forever. Increase in the housing supply will decrease the housing demand shortly, and those still looking to sell at that time will face an uphill battle. When the housing market is clogged with new properties, your property will automatically face some depreciation. If selling in 2017 is something you are thinking about, sell now before the market puts you in an impossible position. Also, consider selling to us for a quick, no-hassle process.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

No one wants their house to linger on the market. No one wants a slough of well-meaning, but nonetheless judgmental people, walking through their house critiquing every (replaceable) light fixture and (changeable) paint color. No one wants a string of open houses for which they have to prepare and find alternative lodging. At least, I certainly don’t want that; however, that is often the case with many realtors. You discuss whether you would like to list with them, negotiate a bit on their percentage of everything, and then prepare for the litany of requests to view your home.

Depending on how long your house is on the market, you could be setting yourself up for a significant amount of time in that position. In fact, depending on the location and desirability of your house relative to the current market, you could be stuck in “viewing” purgatory for months. Yes, you heard that correctly, MONTHS. Not to mention that in the most unfavorable cases, it could be years. [Here, I could expound on a friend’s absolute horror story in which they were paying taxes and mortgages for properties in two different states for upwards of 3 years, but suffice to say, you can imagine the horror without all the details]

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! It doesn’t have to be long, difficult, drawn out, or emotionally and physically exhaustive to sell your house. That is because we specialize in solving problems quickly and efficiently to make sure your house becomes money in your pocket in as little time as possible. The average amount of time it takes to sell your property to us is 10 days — just a little over a week! Forget the weeks, months, and years nightmare a real estate agent may try to convince you is “normal” for your property, and consider us for your next property sale.

4 Reasons 2017 is Your Year to Sell

If you had thoughts of selling your house in 2016, but were a little trigger shy, you may have done yourself a favor, because 2017 is shaping up to be an even better year in which to sell a house.

  1. There is an extremely low risk of housing market crash.

The most recent recession hit the US market hard, and it is unsurprising that people may fear another one. It was not that long ago that the housing bubble burst, leaving many people sitting on houses they had been assured they could sell quickly, while building houses they could no longer afford. However, this year housing pundits and economists agree that the housing market is strong and there is little to no chance of the market crashing. Also, if you are selling to us, there is even less of a chance of you being stuck with a property for too long, as we are in the business of buying fast, so you can achieve results and peace of mind sooner!

     2. Home appreciation is slowing.

This means your home is unlikely to gain considerable extra value in the next year. If you are waiting “just another year” to see if your property’s price increases, then you are wasting your time. Your house is extremely unlikely to gain any significant value in the next year, and it would be a shame to waste 2017’s particularly ideal market factors.

     3. Currently, there is a lower inventory of houses.

Now at the beginning of the new year is a great time to sell, because the housing inventory is somewhat lower than it will be as the weather starts to warm up and people start. It is best to sell now, before the housing market becomes clogged with sellers who are realizing in March what you are learning right now — 2017 is a great year to sell.                           

     4. Rent prices are increasing.

As renting becomes more expensive, house ownership becomes a more viable option for a segment of the former renting population. This means that there may be more buyers available in the marketplace, but also that any possible rental properties you may have could be losing tenants who are looking to buy a house as rent increases and house ownership becomes more affordable.
You made a great decision in not selling your house in 2016, but if you let 2017 pass you by, you’re doing yourself more harm than good! If you are interested in taking advantage of all 2017 has to offer by selling and selling quickly, give us a call, as we are in the business of making it quick and easy to sell your property.

What is Your House Worth?

When housing market gurus discuss a house’s worth they look at a number of factors. Everyone has heard real estate brokers crowing “location, location, location,” and these same brokers are far too eager to tell us the appreciation (or rather depreciation) of our homes. However, before wading through online home-worth calculators or consulting a real estate broker’s valuable time, you need to answer a question that no professional can tell you: What is your house worth — to you?

Is this house your forever home? Does it fill you with an absolute joy when you walk in the door and realize it is yours?

If your house is not fulfilling that “dream home” dream, and even worse, if it is the cause annoyance, anxiety, or anger, then your house or extra property may be worth more to you as a liquidated asset. Consider that for a second. Your property has inherent monetary value. Is there any great reason to hold onto it as a house if there are other things you’d rather put that money towards? Maybe your dream home came on the market, and if you had the money from a sale, you could actually buy or put money towards a home that fits you perfectly. Maybe you have an extra property you’ve been holding onto for the “income” it affords, but end up spending more on upkeep than you actually gain on rent. With money from the sale of a house you could:

  • Find a house that better fits your needs and dreams. Dare I say it, find a home!
  • Become debt free
  • Start a small business
  • Put yourself or someone you love through college
  • Pursue a passion
  • Save it for a rainy day (and if you invest it for a rainy day — well early retirement never hurt anyone)!

As you are looking for ways to live a happy, healthier 2017, give a thought to getting rid of something you don’t love, and using the money towards a meaningful life improvement!


Solving Problems

We are dedicated to solve the problems of homeowners. Just this past week we bought a house from a very nice lady who was just tired of her tenants. She just wanted away out of the property and no more headaches. We are glad she contacted us.

What we did was talk to the tenant to see exactly what was going on. The tenant was not very happy with the living conditions and didn’t understand why she had to keep paying rent. So what we told her was we were looking to buy the property and we were going to fix the complaints that she had. In doing so she allowed us to come in and let her guard down so she was not so defensive.

We ended up closing on the property in 10 days and the homeowner was so thankful that we solved her problem.

Inherited a property

Have you inherited a property and don’t know what to do with it? It is just a burden on you and you are paying for a house that you don’t even live in or even want?

A lot of people have been in your shoes. They do not know where to start. When people contact us I just tell them how can I solve your problem?

We usually have a solution for people’s problems. Because in this business we are problems solvers if our clients aren’t happy we aren’t happy.

At the end of the day WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!

We Can Close In 10 Days!!!Click Here To Sell Now!