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4 Reasons 2017 is Your Year to Sell

4 Reasons 2017 is Your Year to Sell

If you had thoughts of selling your house in 2016, but were a little trigger shy, you may have done yourself a favor, because 2017 is shaping up to be an even better year in which to sell a house.

  1. There is an extremely low risk of housing market crash.

The most recent recession hit the US market hard, and it is unsurprising that people may fear another one. It was not that long ago that the housing bubble burst, leaving many people sitting on houses they had been assured they could sell quickly, while building houses they could no longer afford. However, this year housing pundits and economists agree that the housing market is strong and there is little to no chance of the market crashing. Also, if you are selling to us, there is even less of a chance of you being stuck with a property for too long, as we are in the business of buying fast, so you can achieve results and peace of mind sooner!

     2. Home appreciation is slowing.

This means your home is unlikely to gain considerable extra value in the next year. If you are waiting “just another year” to see if your property’s price increases, then you are wasting your time. Your house is extremely unlikely to gain any significant value in the next year, and it would be a shame to waste 2017’s particularly ideal market factors.

     3. Currently, there is a lower inventory of houses.

Now at the beginning of the new year is a great time to sell, because the housing inventory is somewhat lower than it will be as the weather starts to warm up and people start. It is best to sell now, before the housing market becomes clogged with sellers who are realizing in March what you are learning right now — 2017 is a great year to sell.                           

     4. Rent prices are increasing.

As renting becomes more expensive, house ownership becomes a more viable option for a segment of the former renting population. This means that there may be more buyers available in the marketplace, but also that any possible rental properties you may have could be losing tenants who are looking to buy a house as rent increases and house ownership becomes more affordable.
You made a great decision in not selling your house in 2016, but if you let 2017 pass you by, you’re doing yourself more harm than good! If you are interested in taking advantage of all 2017 has to offer by selling and selling quickly, give us a call, as we are in the business of making it quick and easy to sell your property.

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