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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

No one wants their house to linger on the market. No one wants a slough of well-meaning, but nonetheless judgmental people, walking through their house critiquing every (replaceable) light fixture and (changeable) paint color. No one wants a string of open houses for which they have to prepare and find alternative lodging. At least, I certainly don’t want that; however, that is often the case with many realtors. You discuss whether you would like to list with them, negotiate a bit on their percentage of everything, and then prepare for the litany of requests to view your home.

Depending on how long your house is on the market, you could be setting yourself up for a significant amount of time in that position. In fact, depending on the location and desirability of your house relative to the current market, you could be stuck in “viewing” purgatory for months. Yes, you heard that correctly, MONTHS. Not to mention that in the most unfavorable cases, it could be years. [Here, I could expound on a friend’s absolute horror story in which they were paying taxes and mortgages for properties in two different states for upwards of 3 years, but suffice to say, you can imagine the horror without all the details]

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! It doesn’t have to be long, difficult, drawn out, or emotionally and physically exhaustive to sell your house. That is because we specialize in solving problems quickly and efficiently to make sure your house becomes money in your pocket in as little time as possible. The average amount of time it takes to sell your property to us is 10 days — just a little over a week! Forget the weeks, months, and years nightmare a real estate agent may try to convince you is “normal” for your property, and consider us for your next property sale.

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