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This question comes up a lot when dealing with real estate. That is whether to buy or rent? I have had difficulties answering that question myself. It is real hard to say but I will give you my insight on it.

Let us first talk about buying. It is a very hectic process when buying. The questions you ask are: Do I have enough money?, Is my credit good?, Where do I start?, Do I qualify for programs?, Should I get a realtor or not? These are some good questions that buyers have to ask themselves.

Buying a home gets you equity and you have something valuable that is yours. No one can take your property away from you or tell you what you can and can not do in your house. If you want to sell your home you can and get money from it. You have something you can call HOME!!!

Renting is good also because you do not have to make major repairs on a home like you do when buying a house. A maintenance person comes to fix any problems that you might have with the place you are renting.

Bad thing about buying is you have to take care of all the repairs needed to the home. You are paying mostly interest the first couple of years.

Bad thing about renting is that you are paying a landlord to let you live there for a period of time. When you leave all you can say is you had a place to lay your head. You don’t have anything of value when leaving.

Chilly Day

Today is a cold day in Charlotte, NC but I can’t make an excuse for the cold to stop helping people. This weather could be a lot worse but just happy to be alive. Today We helped out two families from facing foreclosure and from continuing to be a landlord.

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