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We Solve Your Problems, Here's Our Proof!

We Solve Your Problems, Here’s Our Proof!

We like to help people and we excel at problem solving. In today’s business world, many companies and people will make that claim, but cannot follow through with their promises. This is where we are different. We follow through. You don’t need to take our word for it though. The customer whose problem we will highlight today has said that TD Holdings LLC is “a wonderful company to do business with if you need to sell a home.”

What makes someone so enthusiastically endorse us? Well this particular customer had a problem some of you may relate to — he needed to sell quickly and to complicate the matter, the property he needed to sell was 500 miles away from his home and work. Like most people, he could not just drop everything in order to drive or fly 500 miles to make the sale happen in person. That’s where we came in. We did all the work on the ground to make sure that his property could sell quickly and easily, while he continued on with life 500 miles away.

How did we make it happen? We started by taking time to understand the situation. Once we understood what our customer was going through, we found out how we could best serve him. Then we started the process.

In our customer’s own words, “Everything went as planned. I was walked through this process by a very professional and kind young man, Diondre Person, working for the company, TD Holdings LLC. Diondre was very considerate of my time and never pressured me. He was also very aware of what I was having to deal with at the time and never rude. He always kept me informed of the process, answered any questions, and continued to call me until I made my decision. Everything went as he informed me that it would, and I received my money in TN by wire without ever having to make the 500 mile drive to that area.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your extra property and just have the money wired to you? We did it for him, and we can do it for you! Let us help you with your property sale. It will be quick and painless — you can even do the paperwork remotely.

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