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What Charlotte's Ranking Means For You

What Charlotte’s Ranking Means For You

Charlotte’s real estate market is making a name for itself on the national stage. Currently ranked 3rd in the United States, it is experiencing ideal market conditions and increasing opportunities for growth. These unique selling points are attracting both developers and realtors alike from across the US. With numerous builds already underway in the city, 2017 promises to bring even more building and housing projects to the city.

If you are in the Charlotte area, I’m sure Charlotte’s increase in popularity is a point of some pride. After all, isn’t it nice to say you live in such a dynamic and desirable place that is clearly experiencing the type of growth other U.S. cities would love to emulate? However, if you are looking to sell your property in 2017, Charlotte’s increase in popularity for developers is not in your favor.

For those looking to sell their homes in 2017, do not wait! Sell now and sell fast!  While most groundbreaking projects takes a pause for winter, you can expect more builds to begin when the weather heats up. In spring and summer the market will begin to be flooded with new construction. For every new house which is built, your house faces more competition on the market. Your house will be compared to newer and possibly even built-to-specification properties.

It is clear from the economic principle of supply and demand that now is a great time to sell in Charlotte, but that these favorable conditions will not last forever. Increase in the housing supply will decrease the housing demand shortly, and those still looking to sell at that time will face an uphill battle. When the housing market is clogged with new properties, your property will automatically face some depreciation. If selling in 2017 is something you are thinking about, sell now before the market puts you in an impossible position. Also, consider selling to us for a quick, no-hassle process.

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