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What is Your House Worth?

What is Your House Worth?

When housing market gurus discuss a house’s worth they look at a number of factors. Everyone has heard real estate brokers crowing “location, location, location,” and these same brokers are far too eager to tell us the appreciation (or rather depreciation) of our homes. However, before wading through online home-worth calculators or consulting a real estate broker’s valuable time, you need to answer a question that no professional can tell you: What is your house worth — to you?

Is this house your forever home? Does it fill you with an absolute joy when you walk in the door and realize it is yours?

If your house is not fulfilling that “dream home” dream, and even worse, if it is the cause annoyance, anxiety, or anger, then your house or extra property may be worth more to you as a liquidated asset. Consider that for a second. Your property has inherent monetary value. Is there any great reason to hold onto it as a house if there are other things you’d rather put that money towards? Maybe your dream home came on the market, and if you had the money from a sale, you could actually buy or put money towards a home that fits you perfectly. Maybe you have an extra property you’ve been holding onto for the “income” it affords, but end up spending more on upkeep than you actually gain on rent. With money from the sale of a house you could:

  • Find a house that better fits your needs and dreams. Dare I say it, find a home!
  • Become debt free
  • Start a small business
  • Put yourself or someone you love through college
  • Pursue a passion
  • Save it for a rainy day (and if you invest it for a rainy day — well early retirement never hurt anyone)!

As you are looking for ways to live a happy, healthier 2017, give a thought to getting rid of something you don’t love, and using the money towards a meaningful life improvement!


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